Thursday, February 19, 2015

Week 32

Chandler has been transferred to Springfield, Oregon and he is liking his new area.  He's been out for 7 1/2 months now!  It's crazy!  I've attached his last letter home and some pictures for you to enjoy!

My new area is great! So the area is actually smaller than Coquille, its like a Utah ward it covers a few blocks and that's it so my area is actually pretty small which can make things difficult especially since we share it with another set of Elders. The city itself however is huge and there is a ton to do here which is awesome! My companion and I get along alright. He is very shy and is obsessed with Pokemon and stuff like that but we get along when we do talk. Haha! He is from none other than Salt Lake City, downtown area, and he has been on his mission around 6 months now. So I'm older! I'm getting to that point now where I'm older than a lot of missionaries so that's cool! Haha! My new address is 1550 Q St. Apt. #33. The apartment is literally right next to the freeway. The only thing that separates us from a ton of flipping cars are some flimsy little trees and a sidewalk. Haha! My last companion and I taught the 5 yr old kids in primary last week and we got "scolded" (they weren't actually angry but you know) because at the end of the class we had a contest to see who could make the stupidest, most ridiculous, annoying sound. It was funny! We had way too much fun teaching that class. Haha! I miss my last companion a ton! We just clicked even better than Elder Madsen and I. We just had a blast together! Haha! So we have these awesome members that do these photoshop pictures. I have a few, but this is the only one that is online they're pretty awesome! Anyway I hope you have an awesome week!!! Good luck on your test!!! And I love you!!!! See ya in 16 months!! BTW I can count my transfers left on two hands now. ;)

Elder Colton :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 29

I'm sorry, but I just haven't been keeping up Chandler's blog lately!  I have no excuses, I've just been lazy :)

Chandler is doing really well.  He's still in Coquille, OR and he has been crowned as the King of Coquille because he has been there longer than any other missionary!  He is the district leader now and he has quite a bit more responsibility, but he's doing well with it.

Here is his latest email.  Just as a side note....Chandler really struggles with the Sister missionaries.  I've been telling him for weeks that he needs to serve them and then he will learn to like them more.  With that info, enjoy!

Hey hey! We've had a pretty good week taught a lot of people and one of the guys I have been working with for a while just got the Priesthood so that was really neat! We had a blast today and went and took a hike back to Gold and Silver falls. I found a sunny spot and laid down and just relaxed! It was awesome! I just put everything out of my mind and enjoyed the beauty it was great! This whole District Leader thing is going good. We just had an experience.  The Sisters have a stalker... And it's a guy I've met and he is very very very not good. When we met him he was watching Toddlers and Tiaras and saying very nasty things. I think I told you about him, but anyway he is stalking the Sisters and I thought this was funny because since I'm District Leader I get this call from President who has asked me for the remainder of the transfer to work extremely close with the Sisters... So, last night we had to escort them to the church and stay there with them untill they finished what they needed to do and then we needed to escort them back home. At the end of every night I need to call them make sure they're safe and see if they had contact with this guy and then call President and report. I've learned our Sisters here are actually pretty cool seeing as I have had many opportunities this week to have a conversation with them. Haha! So like you said, I will have to learn to work close with the Sisters. Haha! We've been pretty busy lately, which is good. I have another meeting in Eugene to go to which sucks but hey whatevs! We're having fun and staying out of trouble! Hollingshead is an awesome guy we have a lot of fun together. I've been blessed with awesome companions lately, I've been too lucky.... I'm going to get a very very very bad one soon I can feel it!.. How's you're week been?? How's everyone at home?? How's work and school?? Any ways I hope you have a great week!!!! I love you!!!!!