Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 17

Chandler is doing really great!  He had a fun and random encounter this week.  He and his companion were having dinner with a family and the conversation turned to where each elder was from.  It turned out that this family had just recently moved from Utah and proceeded to tell Chandler where they used to live.  Chandler mentioned that his Aunt Jill lived in the same area and it turned out that they knew Jill because she was the YW president and taught their daughters.  Small world!


This week was great! It rained like a mother but it was a good week. We taught a lot of lessons and got some new investigators that we can hopefully baptize next transfer. My cool experience this week you already know about but I met a family that knows Aunt Jill personally!? Crazy! We talked about that all of dinner it was so awesome! They're an awesome family we had a lot of fun last night it was a really cool experience. We taught an awesome lesson to a less active about the priesthood and it was amazing! The spirit was there and it just was a rocking lesson. I wish you could see this guy like 5 years ago and then now because he's changed soooo much! He's awesome! My companion and I are best buds! I'm hoping and praying for one more transfer together. We're like a dream team! Picture what Elder Taylor and Balledos were like and you have what me and Elder Madsen are like. There are a set of Sisters. So four. (The Sisters drive me crazy! :P ) We had an Elder in our zone involved in a hit and run. He was hit by the car and dislocated his knees and broke his hand. He's missing three teeth and has a concussion and also he's really scratched up. So yeah that's the cray cray thing that happened this week! 

I did get your package. Thank you so much! Thank you so very much it means a lot. I've been budgeting $20 a week but with the sudden influx of no dinners and high prices in Coquille I've quickly ran out of money. So thank you! We are making the trek to Coos Bay to the WalMart today but that'll take two hours and 60 of our miles out of our allotment. So we can't go very often.. Just the cereal bars and Pop-tarts make a huge difference. I'm set on shaving stuff for now but that would be awesome too. I'll let you now when I'm running low. 

I have a request? So if you could get email addresses from people from our old Ward and the new Ward and family as well if they're interested and tell them I'll be sending a mass weekly email out to all the people on the list so then that way I can email everybody at once. 

So how's the job? How's Meridian? How's the new home? How's getting old and having a son about to get the priesthood? ;) Haha! I hope things are going good for y'all back in Idaho! I love you!!!! Thanks for all you do mom!!! 

Elder Colton :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 16

Chandler's email this week was very short with nothing new or exciting to report so I'm not going to post the letter, but he did send some pictures of Coquille and also some "epic selfies" that he has taken over the weeks that he thought were pretty funny.  Here are a few of the pictures that he sent:

Faces only a mother could love!  Robert and I are so proud ;)

Glad to see that he's eating so well.....

Beautiful pictures of Coquille:

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Week 15

Sorry it took me some time to update the blog, but I've been busy getting settled into our new home.  Chandler's email was short and sweet this week, but he is enjoying his new area and getting along well with his new companion.  He said his new area is pretty run down and he sent a few pictures:


My week was great! Coquille is boss! It's so flipping small and there is nobody here and it's super redneck and white trash, but it's close to the coast and the weather is nice so I can't complain! Haha! My companion, Elder Madsen, we totally clicked right off the bat! We get along better than Elder Taito and I did. I think it's because we are more alike in a lot of ways. But yeah he's awesome we have a ton of fun! The ward is old... very very old.. lots of old people everywhere. Haha! It's like being in a hospital, but it's fun they're all very funny and enthusiastic old people with fun stories! The apartment is clean and tidy. Elder Madsen is a clean freak and likes cleaning the apartment so it's nice not living in filth. We fixed the "broken" toilet that according to the previous Elders had been broken for months. We just put a new flapper in it and filled the tank with water and it works like a charm. Haha! 

       So nothing too crazy this week. I've been driving the Sister missionaries crazy so that's been fun. They probably hate me, but I don't care. Haha! We did service for these people whose house had just burned down. We have to gut the inside to the studs so that they can decide whether to rebuild or demolish. It's pretty flipping disgusting in there everything is burned and stinks like crap! Other than that, things are kinda slow, but I'm still enjoying myself! 

      The address is 1597 Hemlock Coquille, OR, 97423.  And yes, I've seen Meet the Mormons it is a flipping tight movie!! I loved it!! It was really good. 

      Anyway I love you!!! I hope everything goes good this week with y'all back home!! See ya in 21 months!! 

Elder Colton :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 14

Chandler has been transferred to Coquille, Oregon and he is now on the coast.  He wasn't expecting to be transferred for some time, but I know that he is loving living so close to the ocean.  It sounds like he had some fun experiences this week.  I can't wait to sit down with him when he gets home so he can tell me all of his stories in person!  I'm sure he'll have us all laughing our heads off!

Here is a map showing where he is now:


Yeah, I saw you!! I saw tons of people I know and I did see fanny pack teacher as well :P Haha! I'm jealous!!

So, transfers were today and I am now in Coquille on the coast!! My new companion is Elder Madsen who has been out for like 18 months now so, no, I'm no where near senior companion status, but we have a car!! That's exciting especially since it's cold and rainy here. Haha!

Let's see...this week an eight year old kid picked a fight with me and that was pretty funny. We just laughed at him and called him cute and then he flipped out on us because we called him cute. So this eight year old called me an a-hole and like legitimately wanted to fight so we left before anything went down. Haha! Shortly thereafter we met a legit witch who taught us the ways of Whicka (I think that's how you spell it...?) anyway she tried to convert us to become wizards of nature. We totally trolled her and just went along with everything because there was no use trying to convert her because she was not at all interested. But she really wanted to teach us about witchcraft so we listened and she like harnessed all of our negative energy in an obsidian rock and told us if we believed all of the negative energy will be removed from us. It was funny! It took everything for Elder Taito and I to remain calm and collected through this entire thing, but we did! Haha! 

I loved conference too! The best talks were Elder Holland and Lynn G. Robbins. They were hands down the best talks of the conference. We watched the Saturday sessions at a members house. Then we watched the priesthood session at the church and after we all went to pizza at this place called Bobbio's and the ward rented out the skyhook and so all of us men chilled up there eating pizza and watching the U of U @ UCLA game for an hour or so. It was a lot of fun! Then the Sunday morning we watched at the church and the Sunday afternoon session we watched at an excommunicated members house. So we got to watch all of them. However, I'm ashamed to admit I fell asleep during Richard G. Scott's talk, but who can blame me!? I'm a full time missionary who doesn't stop working ever. Haha! I get tired sometimes!

It's cool you guys are getting settled in at school and the ward. I hope they're all nice to y'all!! Anyway talk to you guys next week!! Love you all!!!

Elder Colton :)