Thursday, October 16, 2014

Week 15

Sorry it took me some time to update the blog, but I've been busy getting settled into our new home.  Chandler's email was short and sweet this week, but he is enjoying his new area and getting along well with his new companion.  He said his new area is pretty run down and he sent a few pictures:


My week was great! Coquille is boss! It's so flipping small and there is nobody here and it's super redneck and white trash, but it's close to the coast and the weather is nice so I can't complain! Haha! My companion, Elder Madsen, we totally clicked right off the bat! We get along better than Elder Taito and I did. I think it's because we are more alike in a lot of ways. But yeah he's awesome we have a ton of fun! The ward is old... very very old.. lots of old people everywhere. Haha! It's like being in a hospital, but it's fun they're all very funny and enthusiastic old people with fun stories! The apartment is clean and tidy. Elder Madsen is a clean freak and likes cleaning the apartment so it's nice not living in filth. We fixed the "broken" toilet that according to the previous Elders had been broken for months. We just put a new flapper in it and filled the tank with water and it works like a charm. Haha! 

       So nothing too crazy this week. I've been driving the Sister missionaries crazy so that's been fun. They probably hate me, but I don't care. Haha! We did service for these people whose house had just burned down. We have to gut the inside to the studs so that they can decide whether to rebuild or demolish. It's pretty flipping disgusting in there everything is burned and stinks like crap! Other than that, things are kinda slow, but I'm still enjoying myself! 

      The address is 1597 Hemlock Coquille, OR, 97423.  And yes, I've seen Meet the Mormons it is a flipping tight movie!! I loved it!! It was really good. 

      Anyway I love you!!! I hope everything goes good this week with y'all back home!! See ya in 21 months!! 

Elder Colton :)

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