Saturday, September 20, 2014

Week 10

Chandler sent this picture with his email this week.  I just love seeing his handsome face!  He also sent me two pictures of the new socks he bought, but I figured it would be best to spare you all the sight of his hairy legs!


There's all sorts of crazies here it's nuts! Yeah Elder Taito and I are still together. He's most likely leaving next transfer so I'll get to take over the area which will be fun, and I might even be district leader next transfer depending on how everything plays out so yeah that should be cool. We have Sister Haggemann she's awesome she feeds us whenever if ever we need it and her husband leaves the football games on so when we stop by we get our tender mercy and watch a little football. Haha! Alright, so my crazy story for this week is, I gave a blessing to this girl who couldn't talk she was starting to get some like bulge in her vocal chords and she was going to need surgery and all that stuff. So anyway, we gave her a blessing and by that Sunday she could talk again! It was so neat! I was pumped! I just wanted to go and give everyone blessings. Haha! It was nice it was a huge faith booster for us. We are meeting with a guy we tracted into, his name is Larry. He is very smart in everything! He's very promising on our second meeting he asked for the Doctrine and Covenants!? That's crazy! Nobody does that so hopefully we can have him on date soon. We now have four people on date for baptism! That's so great! Two of them we got last night! So we're starting to have a lot of success here all of our goals are in the green which means we're reaching our goals which means we're working hard because we're setting tough goals. So that's really neat those are the highlights of my week minus the obvious stuff like we tract a lot and walk in the heat a lot and all that sucky stuff! Haha! But the good outweighs the bad so it's not bad out here at all it's a lot of fun! Things are going well here I'm healthy I'm happy and I'm eating so that's good! Haha have a good week y'all! Love ya guys! 

Elder Colton :) 

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