Saturday, September 20, 2014

Week 7

Nothing terribly exciting happened this week, but I've copied his email just for those who want to read it.


Sorry we had our P-day canceled yesterday for a zone conference we had a seventy come and speak to us it was really great! The weeks do fly by transfers are this week I'll probably stay here. It's predicted I'll be here for six months so yeah I'll start getting comfortable here in Central Point. haha!  

Things are going. The work here is tough. People are just set in their ways or have already been "saved!" Haha! But we have a few investigators and some progressing investigators we have one set baptismal date that just fell into our laps and we have someone that we're trying to set on date but I think I told you about him. So the work is moving. I write in my journal every chance I have time I'm trying my best to write in it often. We have all kinds of cool spiritual moments when tracting and teaching. It's really neat. I wish I had like unlimited time to email you all these stories but we have so many missionaries waiting to email you get like 15 minutes and then you trade off the computer so I'll start recording my stories over the week so I can just copy and paste them in the email really fast! 
I love you too!!! I can't believe how fast it goes I'll be home before I know it!! 

See ya in two years!! 

Elder Colton :)

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