Saturday, September 20, 2014

Week 3

This week when I emailed Chandler I had a ton of questions!  Like, how much money do you get?  Do you eat with the members every day?  Do you have a car or do you ride your bike?  Where is your companion from?

I've never served a mission before and I just didn't know how everything worked so I was being an annoying mom and making sure that he was at least eating!  Haha!  In my defense, I didn't remind him to brush his teeth so that means I'm cutting the cord at least a little bit ;)

Dear Mom, 

Elder Taito is from American Samoa, but he's lived in Oklahoma most his life so yeah he is really cool! He's super chill and fun and, yeah, we get a lot of work done its awesome! 

They gave us a debit card with like 130.00 dollars a month and we have dinner every night for the rest of the transfer so we eat with the members a ton! We have our own apartment and its nasty. We walked in and Elder Taito just knelt down and just started dedicating the place. It was funny! Haha! Yeah, I got my bike; however, we hardly use the stupid thing. Its an all bike area we're in, but we walk most places and usually end up getting picked up by a member. There are a lot of members here! Its actually a lot like Tooele here its crazy! But there is still a lot of work to be done. 

My week... Let's see... 

*Tracting, we got doors slammed on us. Haha! We were told we're way off base and need to catch up with the world. Haha! 
*We came across a few people to teach so we have some lessons here in the next week.
*Busy, Busy, Busy! 
*We got i - Pads 
*You can send me my guitar if you take it to Guitar Center they can box it and send it to me so that was really cool! I can only play it at night after daily planning for 30 minutes and on P-Days

I'll keep working hard! You guys keep hanging in there! Love Ya'll!

Elder Colton :) 

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