Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 12

My sweet son made me laugh and cry with his email this week.  I can't believe how much he is changing on his mission.  He's maturing and learning to appreciate the little things in life.


Its crazy! I'm going to miss that home. But! I'll go back and see it and meet the new people that live there. Heck if they ain't LDS I'll convert them! Haha!  We haven't had transfers yet. That is in two weeks, but that transfer will mark three months and the end of my training! Super excited to stop training! I'm just ready to be a missionary that isn't a greenie. Haha! 

So my story for this week, we're working with this Less-active member (I won't name names) but he has had a rough go in this life. His wife died and he learned like a month ago she was going behind his back and all that stuff. So he got in a relationship with this "girl" on some dating website in England and she scammed him out of every dime he has... He wasn't rich to begin with, but now he is going to lose everything. Well so we talked with him a bit and he said he gets down on himself and makes stupid choices because he doesn't thank God for what he has already. He has a home, a car, an a computer. But that isn't enough. He needs a girlfriend and a bigger home and acceptance and just worldly things. He told us all this and by then it was time to go so we left and we were walking back to the apartment and I looked up to the stars (It was like 9:30 :P) and just said thank you for everything I already have. After that I felt like I needed to write this and show it to him. I haven't shown it to him yet because we just haven't met with him this week, but I felt like this was directly inspired for him. Anyways here it is. 

I open my eyes, it's the start of a new day. 
I pull on some pants and I get on my way. 
I brush my teeth and I get in the shower. 
I go downstairs, work starts in an hour. 
I shove breakfast down my throat and put on my shoes, 
I pull on my coat, it's the working mans blues. 
I do this everyday, you could say I'm pro. 
But really I'm not I just go with the flow. 
But therein lies the problem I go with the flow, 
taking no time to look and explore where I go. 
I wake up in the morning to my alarms ring. 
And I think it's too early to think of anything. 
I should go to my window and look outside. 
I should look out and thank God I'm alive. 
For he's the reason I opened my eyes. 
He's the reason we have those gorgeous blue skies. 
And most times we lack to thank God for our lives because
we're too busy working and swallowed by pride. 
If we would look up and look at the stars 
we might come to realize what we really are. 
We're children of God, the one, the most high. 
The one we can thank for our precious lives. 
If we would slow down and take more time, 
to smell the roses, and to make this climb. 
We would know who we are 
and we would reach for the stars 
striving to live to our fullest potential and live
with God in his home, the Celestial. 

That's my little poem. And, being a guitarist and being raised by an avid music lover I put guitar chords to it and made a song out of it. Haha! But it sounds just as good in the form of a poem and I feel as if this will make an impact in his life to change and thank God for his circumstances he's in instead of trying to be more than he can be. That's my story and the highlight of my week. Hope everyone is safe. I miss all of you!!! And love you guys tons!!! Tell the ward I miss them. 

Elder Colton

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