Saturday, September 20, 2014

Week 5

This was Chandler's response to me asking him if anything crazy had happened to him yet.  Keep in mind, when asking that question I meant for him to tell me about the crazy cat lady in the ward, or the fact that someone fed him under cooked chicken.  The story he sent was not what I was expecting!  Haha!


Yeah a crazy thing happened on Friday, We went on exchanges this Friday. I went with Elder Shelley from Utah.  We ran into some crazy people at one house. We OYMed a guy on the street that was standing in a drive way.  OYM means open your mouth and talk about the gospel. We introduced ourselves and told him we were missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I asked him if he had ever talked to missionaries before. He said no but that he didn't see any reason to because he didn't believe in Christ. I asked him why not. He said he didn't really see the purpose to believe in Christ. So we started teaching about the Plan of Salvation. He got really interested and told us to come and stand in the shade because it was hot. We talked to him a little longer and he asked us if we needed some water and Elder Shelley wanted some so the guy we were talking to ran in side to get some for him. While we were under the car port waiting for him we were looking around. There was a lady inside that was drawing some skulls on the wall inside. While we were still waiting this lady got in her car drove off and came back with a little take out box with green leafs sticking out of it. Then this other guy pulled into the driveway going super fast, them reversed like two feet and then layed on his horn. He gets out of the car and starts yelling the most random things and throws his keys as hard as he can at the wall. Then he starts yelling at us wondering why we were standing in his drive way. The lady that was drawing skulls came out and told him we were waiting for Mal the guy that we started to talk to that was inside. So he picked up his keys and ran inside and slammed the door. Then he came back outside and I was trying to tell him that we were sorry that we could move and he could move his car under the car port. He told me to back up because he to drain something on his arm. It was really nasty.  He had stitches from his wrist to his elbow and about three inches in the middle it was split open and there was this big bulge that looked like infected muscle. He started screaming again and popped the thing on his arm and blood went squirting out and almost got all over me. He than ran into the back yard and was throwing things around. So we wrote our phone number in the back of a Plan of Salvation Pamphlet and left it on a chair for Mal. We didn't know if Mal was ever going to come back out and we didn't want to have to deal with the crazy guy any more. It was pretty nuts! Haha 

Other than that it's pretty chill the dinners are really fun. I've played a lot of piano. Haha just working hard and all that stuff it's really fun hard work.

Elder Colton :)

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