Saturday, September 20, 2014

Week 8

It sounds like Chandler had a pretty fun experience this week.  I'm not sure his mission president would approve, but he has always had his own way of doing things ;)


I went on exchanges with Elder Russell and we decided we would do something different, something somebody hasn't done. So we grabbed our guitars and decided we would go guitar finding. We said a prayer and asked that we will put forth the effort and in return we want to see miracles happen. And no sooner after we said amen than people start honking and waving at us and we started walking up and down the main drag playing music and after about 5 minutes these ladies stopped us and started talking to us. They asked us who we were representing and we told them the LDS church and this lady named Angie started asking tons of awesome questions! And we had all the answers! It was so neat! She is like golden! She told us to come back the next day and teach her because she wants to change and she wants to be sealed to her husband and live with him forever! The only downside is that I was on exchanges in someone else's area so I won't get to teach her, but I will get to hopefully hear how things are going with her. So we left her and about 30 seconds later some guys come out of this restaurant we walked by and they said hey it's karaoke night and we want to hear some music. And we were kind of skeptical at first then we decided like hey we prayed for people to come to us and they are so we went in. Haha! Elder Russell wasn't comfortable playing and singing so he sat with the crowd and I got up and I announced myself and and that we were LDS missionaries and then I performed my solo piece Book of Mormon stories to set the tone then I sang Book of Mormon Stories and that actually drew a lot of smiles. They thought that was great and then they asked if I knew anything else and I said yes and sang House of the Rising Sun and Sweet Home Alabama for them and they were all clapping and excited and we handed out all of our cards and they said we were the coolest missionaries they've ever seen in their lives and that they'd check out the website and get some questions answered. So we planted a whole lot of seeds in there. So then we left that place and as we were walking back to the apartment 2 more people stopped and talked to is and told us they appreciated us and what we do and all that stuff. Then we got back to he apartment and we got a call from the temple saying that somebody from the restaurant found my iPad that I had lost and he knew we were LDS so he drove to the temple and asked one of the people coming out to take it to the guy inside and have him call us and tell us he has my iPad and that he would be by the restaurant and we could come grab it. On our way walking there we ran into a Jewish guy who wanted to bash and Elder Russell really likes bashing so he was just going at it and I was just standing there quiet and I was just getting super bugged with what my companion and the guy were saying to each other so I just stepped up and yelled time out! This is stupid! And I just said we're not changing our faith your not changing yours I respect that I love you, God loves you God bless have a good night and bye bye and I grabbed Elder Russell and we went and got my iPad and went home for the night. So yeah that was my awesome miracle filled night it was a great experience! There's my weekend highlight! Haha! It was great! I performed for people like I sang and stuff aren't you proud!? I used my talents!!! Haha! Anyway, I'm having a blast I'm really enjoying my self and having a lot of fun. Time is flying! One transfer down already! (Which by the way I'm in Central Point for another transfer they say I'll probably be here six months!) I hope things are great back home! I hope you're not too worried about me. I imagine you can't be with the house and stuff. Haha! I think about you all everyday too!! I love you!!!! 

Elder Colton :) 

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